Saturday, February 23, 2013

If I only....part one

Ladies and, maybe, gentlemen, I am here because I have curated items that I would own if money were no object. Most the items I post or even pin are meant to be either forms of inspiration or that are already items I am donning or attainable and within my budget. Some of you lovely readers may even own a few of these items, if so and get sick of them you know who to call ;) I don't think it hurts to dream and be well prepared if I ever come into substantial amounts of money. FYI, I would donate first to charity, then have a car pick me up to go shopping.

Celine Pour Moi

Birkin too

Chado Ralph Rucci

The best NYC penthouse apt I can find. 
Chanel anything but this will do

1996 Dom Perignon (year of the light, their best vintage)

Louboutin bow pumps

Elie Saab 

Jason Wu you know for grocery shopping

Camilla Skovgaard 

Michael Kors cutout leather gown

ODLR gown 

Rick Owens draped leather

Black Leather PS1

Saint Laurent Black and Gold Platform pumps

 Vivier Eyelash Shoe

Hermes cuff

Hermes H bangle

Burberry black trench

Helmut Lang leather leggings

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Many of you will quickly recognize this picture from Gossip Girl. It is a Richard Phillips painting that was hung in the VDW's apartment. I loved it the minute I saw it, but never thought about purchasing it. My appreciation for art was never fully developed until a few years ago. My parents were into Renoir so much that as a child I thought it may have been the only artist out there! Awhile after I got on Twitter, I started to find out about free days at the MFA and always made sure I would attend. Around this time, I also started making small pieces of art, you could say, and shellacking them. It was my way of decorating my apt. Then, in the process of completing my baccalaureate, I took an art history class and fell in love.  In the last six months, I've been visiting museums more frequently than ever and I couldn't be happier! Next on my list is Guggenheim and the Whitney.

My favorite painting is Whistler's Nocturne in Black and Gold, but Sargents El Jaleo at the ISG is breathtaking. In any case, I wanted the Phillips Spectrum piece. The best price I found was $150, but when I woke up this morning to a lovely email about photo-to-canvas prints, I was ecstatic. I uploaded the picture and it's hopefully on it's way to me soon!! One would assume I need a new room for all my clothes, which I do, but I think it's more for the wall space for all my art. 

New arrivals

I read recently on Twitter that blogging is like a marriage and unless you commit fully, it'll never work. I am definitely not in a committed anything with my lil blog. I feel horrible because I have been cheating on it with Tumblr. I use them as different outlets, as I assume most of you do as well. Blogging is actually things I'm coveting or closeting/wearing. Tumblr is my fantasy and a nice outlet for the way I see things, which is primarily in a dramatic sense. I do apologize for not taking care of this particular blog, but I am not a OOTD girl. (I usually wear all black these days and hate taking my picture) So bear with me while I use images or just blab on.

Most of you have seen my Pinterest account, so this may not be new but here are some additions to my walk-in closet aka my entire apartment. 

Paparika cobalt dress via ASOS

Oasis leopard top via ASOS

AQUA Bandstand dress with cutout back (Ebay since not able to ship to US via ASOS)

Converse sneakers via Target

Bloomingdales Aqua faux leather sleeve boyfriend coat

Antique gold spike bracelet via Calico

Love bracelet via Calico

Alice & Olivia Tiffany dress via ShopBop

ASOS skater dress 

Friday, February 1, 2013


Hello lovely readers! I usually bring all my stuff to STA, but these were just bought and only worn once and I'd prefer to sell them to someone I know will be good to them ;) They're just a little small even though I am a size 9. I should've gone with the 9.5. They are selling online for $130-$280, depending where you look. I'm asking for $75! You know where to find me! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Faux Wang?

My DIY studded bag! Found a gem at H&M for $15 and in my new favorite color, red! All I did was google 'how to stud a bag' and found this post:

It was from 2009 so I feel extremely behind! Ah/ugh. I bought the studs from the site she suggested, here, but decided on larger ones to make it easier. The smaller they are,  the more time consuming the studding. I started off poking the holes with a small knife but you honestly don't need anything. 

That is similar to the bag I purchased from H&M. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hello lovely readers!! I was just on a mini vaca and did some well deserved shopping. Who am I kidding, all I do is shop!!  But shopping with my mother is the only gift I need!!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A dress for everything!

A wine toned blazer, like this one, is perfect to add some color and bring together a more sophisticated look. 

My love for the colors white and black are not the only reasons I am drawn to this dress. It's the unique site it's sold on and the incredible detail on the back. This dress is perfect for any occasion. Adding a blazer for a more sophisticated look, dinner at Sonsie or Abe's, or on it's own with sky-high heels for a fun night out, say MiniBar or Emerald. Add a chunky necklace and you're set! 'Tis the season, right? You need a versatile dress for all occasions with all walks of life during the holidays! This dress is my choice and from a website I have grown to love! UsTrendy is a fashion marketplace for thousands of designers all over the world. One of my favorite reasons about the site? It was created right here in Boston!! Check out the site and follow on Pinterest! My next post will be my favorite picks from the site!