Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A dress for everything!

A wine toned blazer, like this one, is perfect to add some color and bring together a more sophisticated look. 

My love for the colors white and black are not the only reasons I am drawn to this dress. It's the unique site it's sold on and the incredible detail on the back. This dress is perfect for any occasion. Adding a blazer for a more sophisticated look, dinner at Sonsie or Abe's, or on it's own with sky-high heels for a fun night out, say MiniBar or Emerald. Add a chunky necklace and you're set! 'Tis the season, right? You need a versatile dress for all occasions with all walks of life during the holidays! This dress is my choice and from a website I have grown to love! UsTrendy is a fashion marketplace for thousands of designers all over the world. One of my favorite reasons about the site? It was created right here in Boston!! Check out the site and follow on Pinterest! My next post will be my favorite picks from the site! 

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