Sunday, February 17, 2013


Many of you will quickly recognize this picture from Gossip Girl. It is a Richard Phillips painting that was hung in the VDW's apartment. I loved it the minute I saw it, but never thought about purchasing it. My appreciation for art was never fully developed until a few years ago. My parents were into Renoir so much that as a child I thought it may have been the only artist out there! Awhile after I got on Twitter, I started to find out about free days at the MFA and always made sure I would attend. Around this time, I also started making small pieces of art, you could say, and shellacking them. It was my way of decorating my apt. Then, in the process of completing my baccalaureate, I took an art history class and fell in love.  In the last six months, I've been visiting museums more frequently than ever and I couldn't be happier! Next on my list is Guggenheim and the Whitney.

My favorite painting is Whistler's Nocturne in Black and Gold, but Sargents El Jaleo at the ISG is breathtaking. In any case, I wanted the Phillips Spectrum piece. The best price I found was $150, but when I woke up this morning to a lovely email about photo-to-canvas prints, I was ecstatic. I uploaded the picture and it's hopefully on it's way to me soon!! One would assume I need a new room for all my clothes, which I do, but I think it's more for the wall space for all my art. 

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