Saturday, February 23, 2013

If I only....part one

Ladies and, maybe, gentlemen, I am here because I have curated items that I would own if money were no object. Most the items I post or even pin are meant to be either forms of inspiration or that are already items I am donning or attainable and within my budget. Some of you lovely readers may even own a few of these items, if so and get sick of them you know who to call ;) I don't think it hurts to dream and be well prepared if I ever come into substantial amounts of money. FYI, I would donate first to charity, then have a car pick me up to go shopping.

Celine Pour Moi

Birkin too

Chado Ralph Rucci

The best NYC penthouse apt I can find. 
Chanel anything but this will do

1996 Dom Perignon (year of the light, their best vintage)

Louboutin bow pumps

Elie Saab 

Jason Wu you know for grocery shopping

Camilla Skovgaard 

Michael Kors cutout leather gown

ODLR gown 

Rick Owens draped leather

Black Leather PS1

Saint Laurent Black and Gold Platform pumps

 Vivier Eyelash Shoe

Hermes cuff

Hermes H bangle

Burberry black trench

Helmut Lang leather leggings


  1. I want it all!
    My fave is the Loubs bow pumps.

  2. Have the car service stop and pick me up too, mmmkay? :)