Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Making more, yes I am.

 My frequent trips to craft and art stores are dipping into my clothes budget, there really is no budget, and it's becoming a problem! Actually I shouldn't say that because I've been enjoying creating beautiful things and think I'm running out of wall space for all of it. If you didn't know, I re-created a neon bib necklace I found on Pinterest, yes Pinterest! I'm obsessed, you're obsessed, I've accepted it. I've made several necklaces in all sorts of colors and shapes! The leftover lace I used as a stencil and spray painted over little canvas boards I purchased. The circles piece I created I found from Pinterest as well. I love the result and can't wait to create more. Happy crafting. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wax on, craft on.

I've been wearing my liquid leggings quite a bit. I love them but was looking for a pant version, maybe waxed or faux leather. Pinterest proved once again to provide me with a great DIY. I ordered otter wax and went to town on my favorite pair of black jeggings. I have three pairs, they are that amazing. So using one to try waxing wasn't a big deal, let's note that I'm lucky and grateful that I can have three pairs of the same pant :) Anyways, they came out looking more dirty than waxed, see pic 1 & 2. The third pic is half way through my new waxing method. The results are exactly what I wanted. I'm also selling a pair of them for $15! Size 28/29.