Sunday, February 17, 2013

New arrivals

I read recently on Twitter that blogging is like a marriage and unless you commit fully, it'll never work. I am definitely not in a committed anything with my lil blog. I feel horrible because I have been cheating on it with Tumblr. I use them as different outlets, as I assume most of you do as well. Blogging is actually things I'm coveting or closeting/wearing. Tumblr is my fantasy and a nice outlet for the way I see things, which is primarily in a dramatic sense. I do apologize for not taking care of this particular blog, but I am not a OOTD girl. (I usually wear all black these days and hate taking my picture) So bear with me while I use images or just blab on.

Most of you have seen my Pinterest account, so this may not be new but here are some additions to my walk-in closet aka my entire apartment. 

Paparika cobalt dress via ASOS

Oasis leopard top via ASOS

AQUA Bandstand dress with cutout back (Ebay since not able to ship to US via ASOS)

Converse sneakers via Target

Bloomingdales Aqua faux leather sleeve boyfriend coat

Antique gold spike bracelet via Calico

Love bracelet via Calico

Alice & Olivia Tiffany dress via ShopBop

ASOS skater dress 

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  1. Shanna, SO GLAD I'm not the only one coveting a pair (or two) of Converse sneakers!