Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A dress as a skirt.

Back in June, which feels like forever ago, I posted about wearing my fuchsia maxi skirt as a dress. Now I'm wearing a dress as a skirt. I've had two days off, which is a lot for me, and I'm moving next week so I'm surfing online, going through blogs, and my clothes of course, and posting away. The dress at hand is very special. It is a gift from my best friend aka the love of my life. On a family trip to Puerto Rico, he brought it back for me. It is beautiful and the stitching is exquisite. I was inspired to wear it like this by a post from a new found blogger Nicolle Saylor, Gillian Zinser - Monday Inspiration and the fact that he brought up the skirt the other day definitely helped. It's such a unique dress and turning it into a skirt with a tied up button down white shirt just made my day!

Sadly, all I could afford in place of a PS1

I really don't like buying things that are just a copy of something I covet, but find it necessary as of late. I'm working a lot but not really spending. I'm moving so I'm saving money while my rent is paid, last and first, so when my school loans and new rent amount kick in, I'm not as stressed! Smart, maybe, frustrating, very! But I probably couldn't really drop the money either way on an Equipment blouse or a PS1. So I opted for this. I need it since I ride my bicycle to and from three different jobs and having a bucket bag was like throwing my stuff into and endless hole!

below is the BCBG blouse I got in place of an Equipment blouse!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Body Dressing

Of course when anyone says body jewelry you think of the tongue ring or belly ring. Ew. Well maybe back in 1998! Now it's fun, edgy and even erotic chains and harnesses for the hands, body, arms and feet of daring ladies. I say daring bc it's def not something you see everyday. I have two body chains and I get looks, like I care, when I don them. Mostly I was inspired by the ever stylish Christen Mitchell. She even made a DIY leg harness. I couldn't find a link to it but, here are a few nice pieces I found on asos and bcbg sites.